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Caméras intra-orales

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

Intraoral cameras are designed specifically for the dental industry, they allow dentists and hygienists to take pictures inside a patient's mouth. With these cameras, you'll be able to see firsthand any existing or potential issues that your provider has identified regarding your oral health. Intraoral cameras are also handy to take before & after pictures, especially with regards to cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or Invisalign®.

Every hygiene and dentist room in our office is equipped with its own intraoral camera, so you'll always be able to benefit from this amazing piece of technology regardless of the reason for your visit.

The Lesser Known Benefits Of Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are of course a great tool for dentists and hygienists who wish to show specific issues to their patients. It's not always easy to describe why a particular tooth could benefit from a crown, for example. But having high-resolution photos taken from inside the mouth allows the patient to fully understand the dentist's diagnosis.

Intraoral photos can also help you obtain a favourable pre-determination from your insurance company. Instead of relying on your dentist's notes alone, a photo that properly captures the diagnosis can significantly improve the likelihood of your insurer approving coverage.

Finally, digital photos taken with an intraoral camera can be easily shared by email with specialists. They can also be sent directly to you, the patient, immediately after being taken. So if you're proud of your before & after pictures, just ask and we'll be happy to send them your way!

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