What To Expect As A New Patient | Chapel Hill Dental

First Visit

Welcome To Our Office

No one looks forward to going to the dentist. And if you're a new patient going to a dental office for your first appointment, you're probably feeling extra anxious about what lies ahead. Am I making the right choice? Is my new dentist gentle? What will happen at my initial visit?

At Chapel Hill Dental we rather answer all your questions ahead of time so there are no surprises. Below is the step-by-step process that we follow for every new patient. You'll see, it's nothing to worry about!

Your Arrival

The first thing we'll ask you to do when you arrive for your initial appointment is fill out our patient intake forms, which include a detailed medical history questionnaire.

We know that filling out forms is a drag. However, we're required by law to collect these documents from every new patient prior to seeing you in the dental chair.

We don't want to put your health at risk by doing work without knowing your medical history or what sort of medications you're currently on.

Getting You Seated

Once your documents are in order, you will be escorted to the dental room that's been prepared specifically for you. On the way, you'll get a brief tour of the back office where you'll see some of the neat features we have at our disposal.

The first couple minutes of the appointment are spent going over your medical history questionnaire. We want to make absolutely sure that we understand everything about your overall health.

Complete Oral Exam

Your new patient appointment at our office includes what's called a Complete Oral Examination (COE). This is not your standard checkup. It's a more involved exam where the dentist will take digital x-rays of your mouth, do a preliminary charting of your teeth and gums, answer any questions or concerns that you may have, and create your own personalized treatment plan.

Think of your treatment plan as your roadmap to optimal oral health. The treatment plan will include your recommended interval for hygiene visits, and it will outline any restorative care that your dentist recommends you to consider either now or in the future.

Checking Out

At the end of your appointment your provider will escort you back to the lobby where our Patient Experience Coordinators will help you check out. That involves submitting your insurance claim electronically (if you have insurance), taking your payment, helping you book your next appointment if that hasn't already been done, and of course answering any questions that may still be on your mind.

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