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Night Guards

Night guards are mainly used to eliminate nighttime teeth grinding, so if you've noticed your teeth wearing down or if you feel your bite has changed, it may be because you're grinding during your sleep. In addition, nighttime grinding can also lead to headaches in the morning, not to mention it can be a disturbance to your sleeping partner.

By wearing a night guard to bed, you are protecting your teeth from further damage and you might even eliminate those early morning headaches. Our custom-fitted night guards are comfortable, low-profile, and easy to maintain. Just pop it in before bed, and give it a quick brush after you take it off in the morning.

Sports Guards

If you participate in a sport or activity that carries a risk of contact to the face, you should definitely consider wearing a sports guard to protect your teeth. At Chapel Hill Dental we make custom-fitted sports guards for patients who engage in a wide variety of activities: hockey, basketball, football, water polo, martial arts, snowboarding, and gymnastics to name a few. Don't put your teeth at risk, do like the pros and wear a custom-fitted sports guard.

Lingual Bars

Lingual bars help keep your teeth in position, therefore they are most commonly found in patients who have had orthodontic treatment. We can either place a lingual bar for you, or replace a bar that has broken or that has become unglued.

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